Block Tower

How To play:

1. The "BLOCK TOWER" is a quick stop skill game that is simple and fast to play and learn. The player must press the start/stop button to stack the moving blocks on top of each other. Each time the player successfully builds another layer onto the pile of blocks, the next level is progressively harder.
2. Once the player reaches the Minor prize level, they get to choose between a minor prize or continue to play on for the median prize. Nearly all of your customers will try to the median or major prize level.

H2135mm x D715mm x W755mm
Wight: 101kg
Voltage: 110/220V

Password Systems:
1. Password System: The Password System helps you to manage every machine in different locations.
2. Audit Report: Audit Report has Daily report and Total report. Daily report is for FEC's staff who checks and records one day report. Total report is for the owner of the machine only who can check and record the total report by password. Suggestion: if an owner's machines have been located far away, all he/she can do is to provide prizes at amusement center, and go to check the account weekly or monthly. That saves much work and time.
3. Program Adjustment: FEC's staff can review the programs of the machine and do simple adjustments. However, only an owner of the machine can do the key adjustments such as coin/credit adjustment, cube speed skill setting, etc. This is for avoiding FEC's staff to do important adjustments without owner's permission.
Printer function

1. To print program adjustments and audit reports.
2. Key adjustments and Total reports printed by inserting Password.
1. English
2. Spanish






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